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Dopamine Records is an independent record label with national and international distribution based in Cambridge, Massachusetts and is part of what is known as the Dopamine/Amalagate Family.

The label's most recognized releases are from Akimbo, Bluebird, Baltimoroder, DJ Die Young, The Year of Our Lord, Stephen Brodsky (of Cave In), Caspian (band), and Hooray For Earth.
Currently, the Dopamine Staff includes Label Manager/owner Alexander Maniatis and Jamie Michalski aka DJ Die Young, at the helm of the label's artist relations.

Originally formed by Nate Shumaker, Alexander Maniatis, and Josh Megyesy out of Beverly, MA. Shumaker founded Dopamine as a cassette only indie label in 1995 and merged with Maniatis' hardcore label Amalagate Records in 2000.
In April 2006, Nate Shumaker and Josh Megyesy left the label to pursue other interests, allowing Alexander Maniatis to take the label into a new era of growth.

Caspian's first full length debut, "The Four Trees" was released on April 10, 2007.
In November 2007, it was announced Dopamine Records will release the latest music from Boston's Hooray For Earth.

On April Fools' Day 2008, Josh Briggs (of Briggs Brothers Management) became a manager at Dopamine Records.
In April 2008, Dopamine announced a new partnership between themselves and Boston's DJ Die Young (Basstown, Solid!) and Baltimoroder (Hearthrob, Make It New, Thunderdome).
On October 23, 2008 Dopamine released a split 12" between DJ Die Young and Baltimoroder (also available for purchase digitally).