3 Great Automatic AR-15 Rifles

Steyr AUG

Type Automatic Rifle
Weight Rifle: 3.6kg
Length SMG: 626mm
Carbine: 690mm
Rifle: 790mm
HBAR: 900mm
Barrel Length SMG: 350mm
Carbine: 407mm
Rifle: 508mm
HBAR: 621mm
Rifling 6 grooves, RH
Magazine Capacity 30- or 42-rounds
Caliber 5.56 x 45mm
Muzzle Velocity SMG: N/A
Carbine: 940 meters/second
Rifle: 970 meters/second
HBAR: 1000 meters/second
Cyclic Rate 650 rounds/minute
In Production 1978-
Country of Origin Austria

The Steyr AUG, or Armee Universal Gewehr, can function as a submachine gun, a carbine, an assault rifle, or a heavy barreled automatic rifle. The difference in these versions lies merely in the length of the barrel and the addition of a bipod in the HBAR version.

Although normally equipped with an optical sight in the carrying handle, this can be changed to a mounting rail (by substitution of the receiver casting), to accommodate any telescope or night vision scope. The Steyr AUG is in service in the Austrian, Australian, Irish, New Zealand, Tunisian and Omani armies and countless security agencies.

The Steyr AUG is a bullpup and is somewhat futuristic in appearance. It’s construction is unusual, its basic structure being of high quality plastic which supports the receiver, which is an aluminum casting with steel inserts for the barrel lugs and bolt guides or a AR-15 2 Stage Trigger. The steel barrel with a chromed chamber locks into the receiver by means of an interupted thread, and the barrel carries a short sleeve containing the gas port, cylinder, and front hand grip. A flash suppressor is fitted to the muzzle, and this is internally threaded to accept a blank firing attachment. The handgrip folds, and is used to rotate and remove the barrel when necessary.

The magazine is transparent, allowing the user to instantly check its contents. There is a cross-bolt safety catch which can be set to fire by a quick movement of the thumb. There is no fire selector. Instead, the mode of fire is determined by the amount of pressure put on the trigger. The first pressure on the trigger offers single shots. Pulling it past this point gives automatic fire.
The Steyr AUG can be adjusted to either right- or left-hand firers by exchanging the bolt, and blanking one of the two ejection ports.

Notes: The different versions of the AUG are merely differences in barrel lengths, as noted above. The SMG barrel length should not be confused with the actual Steyr AUG Para version which fires the 9mm Parabellum cartridge.